Development of foam based shielding panels for automotive protection

High quality cost efficient foam with cutting edge defensive shields know how and ceramic tiles technology

The FoamProtect project is set to develop an industrial utilization of foam panels combined with ceramic panels. This composite structure is due to replace the well known metal-ceramic shielding panels used today. The main FoamProtect project partners are: Aluinvent, an Hungarian SME with cutting edge production line for close pores foam production. Aluinvent will collaborate with College of Kecskemet for completing the required skill set for the project in the field of joining, cutting technologies, polymer matrix composite development and FEM modeling. Aluinvent also will collaborate with Detonet Ltd. for the explosion tests and Civil Small Arms and Ammunition Testing Ltd. for ballistic tests. Paxis is a leading Israeli SME dealing with production of special ceramic tiles for protection applications. Paxis have wide experience in developing both unique and tailored materials and complex structure for shielding properties. The Technion's Israel Institute of Metals (IIM) will be subcontractor for metallurgical structuring, adhesion and damage evolution study to assure good structural integrity and optimal effective in protection scenarios for the materials point of view. The use of Al Foam is expected to improve significantly the energy absorption of the blast, the Al foam collapses in the presences of high forces and and converted the kinetic energy to the high deformation in the Al foam. The spacial design and the ceramics plates is needed in order to break the symmetry and direction. These two reasons drive the development to a F-M-C (Al Foam, Metal and ceramic) to improve the ceramic ability to change the projectile direction and the foams ability to absorb energy of the blast. During the project's first step Aluinvent and Paxis will develop and produce Al foam and ceramic plates (in respective) and couple them into Foam-Ceramic (F-C) protective plates. As an additional activity of the project the sandwich plate will be completed with a polymer composite backplate by the Hungarian partner. These initial plates will cover a wide field of possible foams, tiles and adhesion combinations in order to have a wide perspective of the technology. Once evaluated under applicative testing (projectile protection and single explosion test of the foams), the best combinations will be chosen for the second stage evaluation. In the second step, the F-C sandwich will be expanded into Foam-Metal-Ceramic (F-M-C) by placing an intermediate sheet of steel to assist the foam in effectively of shock absorbent. In the second step the plates will be redesigned to provide blast protection. Based on the projectile activity results, the team's experience in protective plates manufacturing and computer simulation tools, new F-M-C of F-C plates will be assembled. The testing of these plates is due to take place in FoamProtect's second step and based on a comparison between simulative result of state of the art solutions and the new foam based ones. This solution could have high potential in automotive" belly" protection against ground level explosives. The third technical development step will focus on creating an Al foam ceramic based shielding plates against IED (Improvised Explosive device). the IED posses a new kind of threat usually used by un-official armed forces with little accesses to professional explosive manufactures. The IED is usually an explosive device contracted from high velocity explosive surrounded by variance steel fragments (such as steel Pellets, screws etc.). This leads to a severe requirement of protection combining explosive and projectile proofing. F-C of F-M-C plates which will have increased efficiency in protection applications (ether of the above mentioned) will be a base for mutual exploitation (in accordance to the partnership agreement) and marketing (dissimination) activities. It is also planed to involve several demonstrating activities in the second year which will provide the partners with the experience of design a real life application, produce a full scale protective F-C or F-M-C panels and have the marketing materials for easier market introduction. The FoamProtect project will introduce R&D centers in the field of automotive and materials in order to assure optimal design and products. The College of Kecskemet will introduce the product to Hungarian Army Forces and protected vehicle manufacturers in Hungary as Gamma Technical Corporation and will be subcontracted by Aluinvent on his own cost. 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11 731
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800 000.00€
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