High speed autonomous cathodic protection inspection for subsea pipelines

The development of a magnetometer and electromagnetic system that can be deployed on an autonomous underwater vehicle (auv) for high speed inspection of the condition of the cathodic protection of subsea pipelines.

The goal of this project is to design and build an electromagnetic ( (1) e-field and (2) magnetic) system to be deployed on an AUV for the rapid inspection and measurement of the cathodic protection (CP) of pipelines. This is the primary goal of the project but as an added benefit, the system will also be capable of detecting as-laid depth of burial (DOB) of pipelines or cables. The business opportunity is for Ocean Floor Geophysics Inc (OFG) and ISIS Technical Services Ltd (ISIS), to use the experience and technical staff’s expertise, to develop the cathode protection electromagnetic (E-field and magnetometer) system that can be marketed as a product to AUV manufacturers and commercial AUV operators and as a service to subsea pipeline operators.
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11 739
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410 000.00€
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