Accelerating the market for drupal in higher education: openedu for drupal 8

Our goal is to meet the needs of the higher education market by re-architecting and improving our drupal 7 openedu product in drupal 8, which will develop drupal 8 versions of desirable features specific to the higher-education market.

Drupal is an enterprise-level Content Management System that is the web authoring platform of choice for a large percentage of higher-education institutions. Thousands of higher-education institutions use Drupal version 7, including a majority of larger universities such as Stanford and Harvard. However, as an open-source project, Drupal depends on voluntary contributions, and the most recent version (Drupal 8) is delaying client adoption because a number of key features are awaiting Drupal-community developers to update them from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. Our goal is to meet the needs of this latent market by moving our Drupal 7 OpenEDU product to Drupal 8 in two critical ways: * Develop Drupal 8 versions of desirable features specific to the higher-education market, as these features have already been proven to be appealing to clients in our Drupal 7 OpenEDU platform * Accelerate Drupal 8 development of needed core features that are blocking overall adoption in order to lower the barrier to entry By developing these key features in Drupal 8, we can more readily provide an update path to the existing market of clients currently on Drupal 7 as well as provide clear rationale for new users to Drupal to move ahead with Drupal projects. Our existing sales data show that our Drupal 7 OpenEDU platform has had a high level of demand. However, upgrading OpenEDU to Drupal 8 requires a level of resource investment that would be a significant challenge for ImageX. Because of this, we are seeking funding to move our existing Drupal 7 OpenEDU platform to Drupal 8. In short, the objectives of the project are to: * Build a website-creation framework for higher-education institutions on the Drupal 8 Content Management System, leveraging the already-built initiatives as a starting point * Complete needed functionality for the Drupal 8 product to reduce barrier to entry for clients, so that the large existing base of Drupal 7 higher-education users can more easily move to Drupal 8 and new Drupal users will adopt Drupal 8
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11 757
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240 000.00€
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Internet Technologies
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