Multifunctional products obtained from colostrum fermented by kefir grains

The 3-biotic project aims to develop a complex, multifunctional 3-biotic product, standardized on bioactive peptides, by controlled fermentation of colostrum with an enhanced kefir consortium. From this product a range of nutraceutical and cosmeceutical will be further developed.

The project aims to develop a complex, multifunctional 3-biotic product, standardized on bioactive peptides, by controlled fermentation of colostrum with an enhanced kefir consortium. From this product, a range of nutraceutical (food / dietary supplement, functional foods for sportsmen) and cosmeceutical will be further developed. The project objectives are: (i) to select enhanced kefir consortium, able to generate bioactive peptides and additional bioactive compounds into colostrum by fermentation; (ii) to optimize the fermentation process and to formulate the resulted product for nutraceutical and cosmeceutical application; (iii) to demonstrate the functionalities of products obtained from colostrum fermented by enhanced kefir consortium. One innovative approach is the focus on bioactive peptides, as key component for standardization of the complex, 3-biotic product. Bioactive peptides demonstrated: microbicide effects against microbial pathogens; cholesterol-lowering ability; blood pressure-lowering effects, mainly due to Angiotensin Conversion Enzyme (ACE) inhibition; antithrombotic and antioxidant activities; enhancement of mineral bioavailability and/or use efficiency; acceleration of fat burning a basal metabolism; cyto- or immunomodulatory effects; opioid (receptors) activities. Numerous products based on bioactives peptides are already on the market or under development by innovative companies. These new products exploit the potential of food-derived bioactive peptides on wellness applications. The dominant tendency is to ascribe scientifically evidenced health claims to use consumption of these functional products, based on bioactive products. Diary based products are one of the food products with a significant development for bioactive peptides. However, till now very few attempts were done for fermentation of colostrum, containing more biopeptides, including encrypted biopeptides than others dairy products, with kefir grain (microbial consortium). The kefir consortium will be enhanced / enriched on strains more efficient on generation of bioactives (peptides). Another innovative approach is the holistic approach of a complex multifunctional products. On such approach, a complex product is more than the sum of its component parts, due to the synergism of the components and “unexpected behaviors that stem from interaction between the components of an application and their environment” [1]. Such approach is corresponding to the actual trends toward integrated and personalized health treatment and it is inspired from traditional Chinese medicine. Project starts from the technologies which are on TRL3 (available probiotic strains for reconstructed kefir consortium, knowledge and methods to characterize bioactives peptides, technologies for production of 3-biotic products by fermentation of microbial consortia, knowledge and method to characterize products effects on cell culture). These technologies will be further integrated on TRL4 on the initial, definition phase (industrial research). During the implementation phase (experimental development) of the project, the technology will be scale-up and tested on relevant and operational environment (TRL7/ TRL8). The Partners on this 3-Biotic project are: Laboratoarele Medica, Otopeni, Romania, the main participant / coordinator; “Dunărea de Jos” University, Galați, Romania (UDJG); NorGenoTech, Skreia, Norway (NGT); The National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences, Bucharest, Romania (INCDSB). Medica will be responsible for technology integration and scale-up, UDJG will enhance kefir consortium and will participate to the development of product standardization on bioactive peptides., NGT will perform antimutagenic, antigenotoxic and anti-inflammatory assay on cell culture tests, INCDSB will participate to product standardization on bioactive peptides and will develop a new bioassay for postbiotic bioactive compounds. Reference [1]. Johnson (2006). Reliability Eng. Syst. Safety 91, 1475–1481.
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630 000.00€
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