General analysis of framed structures in windows

General purpose engineering tool (3d frame analysis program)
will be converted to work within the user-friendly microsoft
windows environment. This program will be commercialised
to be sold to engineering companies.

One of the most frequent problems for an engineer within the civil engineering area is to evaluate the behaviour (internal forces, displacements, stresses, etc.) of structures exposed to different kinds of loadings (wind, snow, etc.). A framed structure is the most commonly appearing type. Thus an efficient tool to perform such analyses is of great importance. This tool must be based on an advanced theoretical base but be easy to use in order to fulfil a working engineer's stringent requirements. SKANSKA SOFTWARE is a Swedish company that since the 1980s has been been working with program development for civil engineering problems. The program development has in the last five years taken place within the MICROSOFT "WINDOWS" environment and programs are currently available in Danish, German, English, Hungarian, Dutch and Russian. The Hungarian project partner PI-HUN ENGINEERING LTD. has a history similar to SKANSKA SOFTWARE, i.e. it acts in the field of structural engineering. In the later 1980s, PI-HUN, together with its partners developed a 3-dimensional frame analysis software package, which is available in HUNGARY, and has been sold several times. The main idea of this project is to create a commercial product, an advanced engineering tool for general frame analysis. The program is restricted to elastic problems, but will take non-geometric and dynamic effects into account. The product should be available primarily in Hungarian, Swedish, German and English.
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260 000.00€
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