Hospital computer-aided maintenance system

Computer-aided system for optimal hospital maintenance with
quality medical care which is cost-effective in use.

Maintenance activities in a hospital environment must now draw on maintenance experience in other fields such as Industry so that hospitals may also have a general maintenance strategy. The proposed HOSMAINE development project will really contribute to the general tendency to drastically rationalize health costs and expenses in the major European countries, since the maintenance budget represents a substantial part of these costs (about 10% in FRANCE). This project aims to draw up a new standard reference for maintenance in hospitals with original concepts in order to harmonize and manage efficiently the variety of existing tools, which are usually disconnected and non-compatible. Thus the HOSMAINE added value is focused on the centralisation of all maintenance data. In other words, this development will enable the users to focus on planning, technical and economical management. The cost of the HOSMAINE outcome system will be an operational and user-oriented system taking into account: - the versatility of technologies in a hospital - the organisational aspects (facilities management, cost effectiveness) - fully ergonomic, user-friendly interactivity. As far as state-of-the-art in maintenance systems in hospitals is concerned, the innovation of the HOSMAINE project is based on a new approach to an integrated environment for hospital maintenance. It could be described as a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach (ISO 9000) applied to the hospital with the introduction of Quality Assurance aspects in order to optimize medical care. This innovative, integrated concept, which takes advantage of modern computer technologies, allows for overall management in Maintenance activity. In order to achieve such a development, complementary expertise is expected in the field of software development and computer-aided hospital maintenance in Europe which will help to easily customize the HOSMAINE central core by taking the hospitals' own constraints into account.
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4 700 000.00€
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