Scaling software: supporting industry in managing software scalability

“our organisation has become a software company. The problem is that our engineers haven’t realised that yet!” This is how the vp research of a major semiconductor manufacturing company, traditionally seen as the classic hardware company, characterised the context in which software solutions were replacing hardware in delivering their products. This organisation knew precisely the threshold of the reuse level for their hardware components before designing for reuse became costeffective. However, no such sophistication was present in their software processes. Countless other scenarios are emerging, and it is difficult to find a market domain in which the innovation does not depend on software. Thus, we have a context where software, traditionally seen as secondary and a means to an end in many sectors, moves centre stage. The implications of this global shift are frequently underestimated. The goals of scalare are to support and enable industries to scale their software capability as software moves from secondary consideration to primary importance in delivering innovation and competitive products or services.

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