System of real-time systems

The sorts project aims to increase productivity and effectiveness in cancer treatment and reduce patient risk by supporting healthcare professionals in the transition from invasive, open surgery to minimally invasive, image-guided intervention and treatment (igit). Such oncological treatments range from ablations (such as radio frequency, high-intensity focused ultrasound, laser) to radiotherapy treatments (such as brachytherapy, external beam therapy).Improved productivity and effectiveness in healthcare enabled by igit is expected to significantly lower healthcare costs due to shorter hospitalisation and higher throughput. One of today’s main it challenges for igit, tackled in sorts, is the availability of coupled real-time feedback of the imaging and therapy systems during interventions. The goal of the sorts project is to develop a system of real-time systems (i.E. Imaging and therapy systems), which enable more automated combination (“more than human interaction”) of imaging and therapy and motion compensation for the target tumour tissue via a guaranteed latency of the image and control data between these systems.

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