Test methodology for virtual commissioning based on behaviour simulation of production systems

Production systems in europe are characterised by a
high level of automation. Additionally, europe exports
machines and plants worldwide. These products are
distinguished by high quality and huge complexity.
with all vendors throughout the supply chain in strong
competition with vendors from other parts of the world,
safeguarding production in europe requires a very
flexible design of the production systems, optimum
time to market and exceedingly high product quality by
the component provider and oems as end users. In
particular, the introduction of the virtual commissioning
technology by oems in the automotive area aims to
shorten the phases of planning and commissioning of the production system and to prevent failures early on. The
research project avanti is based on these goals and
aims to improve the advanced behaviour description of
devices, components and complete production systems
and to establish a formal virtual commissioning test
method. The integration of these goals into the life cycle
of the production system will help to reduce the efforts
and misunderstanding between different partners in the
life cycle phases.

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