Smart multimodal environment with ai, chatbot, robot & camera device services

The sme project aims at setting up an integrated platform that combines a networked smart cameras and a companion robot with conversational means.
the targeted markets are elderly person assistance, industrial monitoring and smart cities.

The “ Smart Multimodal Environment" (SME》project aims at setting up an integrated platform that combines a networked elementary components: A) Smart camera network for automatic event detection based on user behaviour analysis. The camera integrates also an audio chatbot as speech interface for interaction with end users B) A robot assistant service will also be developed to service the end users where the platform will also have administrative and managerial functions The platform will enable both France and Korea to have access to products and service developed by this joint R&D for future business and development projects thereafter. SME project aims at 2 general objectives: 1. To set-up the networked platform of the audio-visual smart environment 2. To carry out field pilots in Korea and France: field pilots are efficient way to facilitate the validation in real operational conditions and the adoption of innovative solutions by market players and end users. - Elderly assistance - Industrial monitoring - Smart city development and management The SME will include Al chatbot, Machine Learning, Deep Learning algorithms to service the smart network camera, and audio recognition of speech in both French and Korean in the means of a chatbot integrated into either the camera or a separate companion robotic device. The final objective and result will be a multi platform which both France and Korea can use to deploy Healthcare Systems, Industrial Monitoring Systems and Smart City Development Systems by using Smart Camera's, Companion Robots and combined together with an Al Management system《Data Analysis & Processing).
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12 185
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200 000.00€
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Electronics, Microelectronics
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