Integrated platform for content creation and video-wall presentation

Lcs and userful believe there are opportunities for vast simplification and market penetration through this project creating a unified platform providing for all the media and communication in the company. In addition userful will eliminate the need for zero-client devices.

Introduction : Screens Everywhere, Part I: Six years ago Userful, our canadian partner, began long-term research to prepare a powerful new product offering that would enable Userful to grow to keep pace with and eventually dominate a future in which there would be “screens everywhere”. With screens being the most accessible form of automation within a business, the Userful platform would offer a unified platform to control inputs, outputs and switching of content to these screens, enabling them to be affordably deployed and managed anywhere within the organization with up to 100 run by a single server. Userful began by devising methods to systematically remove any performance and scalability limitations. The next step was to greatly increase the efficiency in providing dynamic video by extremely efficient use of offloading CPU to the GPU. Screens Everywhere, Part II: However a highly efficient centralized server is just part of the problem. Customers also need to be able to easily create and manage their content. The partnership and collaboration envisage with LCS is the next key part of transitioning to screens everywhere. The third part is to prepare leverage the System on a Chip (SoC) Revolution which is already well underway, today almost all large displays come already equipped with a built-in SoC. The Project : LCS and Userful share a vision of an integrated browser-based platform driving pervasive screens everywhere. We believe that there are opportunities for vast simplification and market penetration through this project which will move both firms toward this “screens everywhere" world. With its software-based approach to the challenges of scalable video wall deployment, Userful has developed the ability to drive up to 100+ displays from a single server, creating the industry-leading video wall and screen infrastructure software platform. LCS brings to this project many years of content creation and project deployment expertise. This project will have two major components: 1. An integrating content management system (CMS): LCS will produce a simplified CMS creating a unified platform providing for all the media and communication in the company (digital signage, IP-TV, meeting room booking, etc). Userful will integrate this CMS into its system as a complete product, available to both LCS and Userful. This will be a first step in moving from a single video wall to “screens everywhere”. 2. A software-based zero-client: Userful will develop a software-based zero-client which will eliminate the need for hardware based zero-client devices and enable the solution to output directly to “Smart TVs”. As display manufacturers include SoCs in their displays to produce “Smart TVs” this change will allow us to dispense with adding a zero client to each display unit and will be a first step towards two-way communication with screens. These new tools will be available to LCS allowing them to easily integrate Userful network video wall into the services they offer. This will benefit Userful by offering our UNVW users an easy-to-use CMS with a very broad range of capabilities well integrated into UNVW. Further the software based zero-client will be a major breakthrough, equipping UNVW for the next generation of monitors. Details of the Project : A. The tasks to be performed to create and integrate the CMS LCS will: 1. Create a common intuitive browser-based CMS to manage all the media and communication in the company (digital signage, IP-TV, meeting room booking, etc) 2. Integrate this CMS with UNVW via the Userful API; 3. Integrate a template HTML5 editor; 4. Integrate KPI connector and social network connector for real time display; 5. Integrate scheduling features. B. Userful will supplement the work done by LCS as follows: 1. Add additional API commands as required for full and seamless integration of the LCS CMS into the joint solution. 2. Test and confirm the seamless integration of the LCS CMS with UNVW 3. Develop the ability to display/embed live “sources” within an iframe of the LCS CMS; (enabling for example live sources to be captured by the Userful server and easily played at any display) 4. Integrate with meeting room signs and other displays as required. C. Creating the software-based zero client. This work will all be undertaken by Userful. We have already built a proof of concept for running tests on different manufacturer’s ARM SoCs To achieve the frame-rates and image fidelity needed for video, we need to utilize both the ARM chip’s GPU and CPU. Userful’s task can be divided into three steps, each having a number of smaller sub-tasks : • Step 1: Initial prototype (Video-only: for video-over-IP, Video Wall and digital signage applications) Step 1 has 10 sub-tasks • Step 2: Secondary Exploration (video only) Step 2 has 36 sub-tasks • Step 3: Proof of Concept client application for Interactive applications Step 3 has 7 sub-tasks
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