Pricecharge: ev charging station management platform with dynamic electricity pricing and demand response management

Research and development project aims at developing a platform for pricing of ev charging and management of charging stations, facilitating energy sharing. System targets the needs of electric utilities and managers of big or small parking lots (as buyers and providers of ev charging).

PriceCharge system will operate in the form of a billing device installed on the electric car charger. In the background, the billing device will be run by a cloud system connected to the electric utility and the entity that operates the respective charging station (or billing device). The electric utility will communicate the cost of the energy use in real time, in relation to demand and supply of electricity in the network and on the markets. The price will be passed on to the user mobile application that will be available to the driver of the electric vehicle (EV). On the driver's request, the application will calculate the closest and most favorable option for charging the vehicle, based on the price data and according to its location. Due to the concept of dynamic electricity prices, the application recommendations will be constantly updated. Through application, the EV driver will be able to set the price of the use of charging station and thereof use it at the selected price within a specific time frame. Manager of the charging station will also be able to adjust the stated price according to the user (EV driver) loyalty points and the value of his purchases (in case of a shopping center), time and duration of parking, etc. The universal sensor on the billing device will recognize the user code upon arrival of the driver and communication interface will set the price based on information retrieved from the cloud system. If the driver does not "book" the price in advance, he/she will use the charging service at the real-time dynamic tariff of the electrical distributor. His payment (in any mode) will be made by the billing device via the payment system and the transaction will be reported to the cloud system. The PriceCharge cloud system will settle the cost of electricity and the share of earnings immediately to the electric utility. The remaining part of the earnings will be extended to the operator of the parking lot for the cause of ‘sharing’ the charging station and/or parking space, whereas commission for the transaction services (15% share of electro-distributor's earnings) will be distributed between Informatika and Evolvea.
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12 197
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1 120 000.00€
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Energy production, transmission and conversion
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