Powerful platform for virtualization of industrial production process using advanced modeling&universal data repository

A prototype of completely new platform pdm-it will be developed, consisting of advanced production process model, universal process data repository , intuitive data contextualization mechanism and powerful web tool for analysis, simulation and optimization, supporting initiative industry 4.0.

Pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage, automotive, consumer packaged goods and other manufacturing companies are facing continuous pressure to improve their operational excellence, increase quality and reduce costs. Their production is usually highly automated and generate large amount of production data, characterizing their processes and products. Most of the industries are also becoming more and more regulated, which means that they have to take good care of production procedures and production data. The forth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) is talking about turning the production data into key enablers for efficient and effective management of production. Data storage, analysis, optimization and prediction are key methods of this initiative. There are also other buzzwords around, talking about similar initiatives: digital transformation, smart factories, internet of things, virtual plants are all based on the idea of business improvement through production data utilization by using IT technologies. There are several challenges related to these initiatives. While it is rather simple to acquire and store time-series data from production, things get complicated when we want to acquire and store all data from production (time series, discrete, recipe, meta data) in one place, link data with the production model and put it in the context of production process. If this step is done properly, a huge value is added to the data and new options for data analysis and process optimization become available. Consequently, the data can be utilized to a much higher extent. We can go even further and transform contextualized data and the production model into virtual production plant, which can be used for process simulation and prediction. Advanced machine learning algorithms can be implemented based on supervised and unsupervised learning principles. Operators can perform many tests and studies in the virtual production environment, rendering results faster and cost efficiently. The end result is a more efficient and improved production process. Unfortunately, today's IT and control solutions are far too complex and inadequate to address all the challenges of virtual production environment. Implementation procedures are time consuming and expensive. Available data repositories do not support all data types and do not support contextualization of the data. Solutions are not configurable and consequently can be implemented only by vendors themselves - System Integrators cannot perform the implementation. Metronik and TuG are companies already present on the market of manufacturing IT solutions for various industries in Europe and globally. Metronik and Tug together have enough expertise and resources to launch and execute the development project which will deal with the outlined challenges resulting in a solution that can successfully answer to growing market needs for production virtualization and analysis tool. The main result of this project will be software product PDM-IT , a new intuitive and powerful platform for virtualization of industrial production environment using advanced modelling and universal data repository, developed to the level of prototype. The main components of PDM-IT will be: advanced production process model, universal data repository for time-series, discrete and meta data from the production process, intuitive data contextualization mechanism and powerful web tool for analysis, simulation and optimization, including advanced machine learning algorithms. PDM-IT can be viewed as an inevitable platform for production digitalization, representing an efficient tool for production data management and production process analysis which are key methods of the Industry 4.0 initiative. By using PDM-IT industrial enterprises will become more competitive through optimization of their production process due to improved quality higher efficiency and reduced costs.
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12 201
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1 090 000.00€
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Information Processing, Information System
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