Flexible modular nearly zero-energy building

Partners will develop a flexible modularly designed building, which will be in accordance with standard for nearly zero-energy and passive buildings. The product will represent a step forward from standard building methods and will be developed to final stage - for use in real-world environment.

The company REM d.o.o is a fast-growing medium-sized enterprise with 147 employees, whose number is constantly increasing. The principal activity of the company is the production of the high-level prefabricated modularly designed buildings. According to the criteria of the newspaper Finance, the company REM d.o.o. was even graded for its excellent business results on the top position on the list of the greatest and most successful construction companies in Slovenia in the year 2016. The partner of the project is the company PIVA Group S.p.A., a leading specialized manufacturer of windows, doors, and panels, having its branch offices and/or manufacturing plants all over the world. The objective of the joint project is to develop a flexible, modularly designed building, fulfilling all requirements of the nearly zero-energy and passive standard. We assess, based on the significantly improved thermal conductivity of the envelope of the building, that the annual required energy for the heating of the building, assembled of the developed modular units, will be for at least 50 % lower, and the total annual emissions of CO2 will be reduced, too. We will patent the individual innovative solutions, as for example, developed airtight joint between the modular units, thus assuring a long-term technological dominance in this domain. The product, a flexible, modular, nearly zero-energy building, which will present the surplus or the deviation from the traditional construction, is a fast, energy efficient and low-cost method of construction, employing all the functional advantages, provided by the modular construction, for the needs of the client and the end user. The concept will be based on the principle of five elementary performances, united into a unit: - Modularity - Prefabrication - Flexibility - High energy efficiency - Integration of smart installations All these five elementary performances, united in the innovative joint concept or product, present a novelty in the domain of modular construction. The final result of the project will thus present a flexible, modularly designed, nearly zero energy building, developed until the stage, at which it will be applicable for the use in the real environment. It will include all the products and technologies, developed within the framework of the project; and, after the completion of the project, we will be able to follow and perform the monitoring of the building on the prototype building, developed in the course of the project, and record the changes of the acting of such building and/or the state of its key component, in real conditions. The prototype of the flexible, nearly zero-energy or passive building will be installed in Trebnje and will serve for the needs of the presentation and upgradings, and as such it will not be intended for sale or rent. In desire to easier follow the market requierements, both companies decided to unite forces and expertise, to develop a highly technological product, and offer it in the market. By means of the new product, the result of the project FlexModNZEB, the both partners intend to extend the sales program, increase the market share, improve their position in the market, acquire new clients in an easier way, refresh the mutual cooperation, and they will also assist each other at the growth and development, since they will share important information and know-how, providing better position in the world market for both, and as a result of this, they will multiply their synergy of cooperation in this project. The partners in the project have already been present in the markets, where they see the opportunity also with a new product. Besides the EU market, the company REM d.o.o. is present in the markets of the Middle East and in Asia, while the company Piva Group S.p.A. is present, either by itself, or through their subsidiary companies and branch offices and/or manufacturing plants in Europe, USA, Africa, and Australia. The project has a strategic significance for both companies. With the development of the above described approaches we wish to make a breakthrough in the domain of the prefabricated modularly designed buildings and to enter on the fields, for which it applied, until recently, that they are the domain of the classical and assembly construction, and to surpass the competitors. We wish to become the first manufacturer, offering to the market a multi-purpose buildings, assembled of prefabricated modular units in the nearly zero-energy and passive design. We can expect that our completely new solutions will have a significant influence on the development of the modular unit industry, and that with the final product we will establish new standards for the future in the domain of the modular construction of the nearly zero-energy and passive buildings.
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12 203
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Project costs: 
850 000.00€
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Civil engineering
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