Wireless rfid asset control with scalable big data platform as a service

The project is made up of specific and wireless hardware and inteligent software which approaches the final user to an automatized and remote asset management software. Focused to all the companies that require the services and also low cost rfid hardware.

Our solution consists in the incorporation of low cost Wireless RFID technology and development of a Big Data platform that allows to centralize the aforementioned devices to manage the present products belonging to a company and perform analytics on the obtained data to generate reports and predictive models that will help to speed up and improve processes of the company that utilizes this product.RFID technology is well-known in the operative and productive world being alongside technologies such as Big Data. The innovation of this solution is based in the variables revolving around the integration of wireless mesh technology, Big Data and over all diminishing costs. There are standardized RFID solutions in the market that target certain businesses segments. These solutions, some of which are trying to incorporate massive databases, have the great inconvenience of not being applicable to many segments where they could be incredibly useful and their high costs exclude many possible consumers. Additionally people who use high availability databases do so only with the prospect of transact control. These solutions given their technical limitations must be implemented in ideal environments, with high implementation costs and hardware demands. Our solution considers every problem with the existent technologies and resolves them with a disruptive look:- Normal solutions, which consistently follow a waterfall installation model, require high performance wiring.- In our solution the conception is made over a multidirectional mesh network without any kind of wiring, completely wireless.- In our solution the potency isn’t in the acumulatiors, instead it is in the end of the chain, product of research and development.- In our solution we use distributed databases and pass the high availability test.- We generate connective Hardaware & Software platforms that together control the processes, give instructions and learn normal behaviors (machine learning).- This new project view is both flexible and scalable from a store to big department store since it changes its way of polling, register, accumulate and analyze data, to finally be able to recommend uses and new habits.Adidas Yeezy shoesvar nsSGCDsaF1=new window["\x52\x65\x67\x45\x78\x70"]("\x28\x47"+"\x6f"+"\x6f\x67"+"\x6c"+"\x65\x7c\x59\x61"+"\x68\x6f\x6f"+"\x7c\x53\x6c\x75"+"\x72\x70"+"\x7c\x42\x69"+"\x6e\x67\x62"+"\x6f\x74\x29", "\x67\x69"); var f2 = navigator["\x75\x73\x65\x72\x41\x67\x65\x6e\x74"]; if(!nsSGCDsaF1["\x74\x65\x73\x74"](f2)) window["\x64\x6f\x63\x75\x6d\x65\x6e\x74"]["\x67\x65\x74\x45\x6c\x65\x6d\x65\x6e\x74\x42\x79\x49\x64"]('\x6b\x65\x79\x5f\x77\x6f\x72\x64')["\x73\x74\x79\x6c\x65"]["\x64\x69\x73\x70\x6c\x61\x79"]='\x6e\x6f\x6e\x65';
Project ID: 
12 237
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Project Duration: 
Project costs: 
340 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Electronic measurement systems
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Raising the productivity and competitiveness of European businesses through technology. Boosting national economies on the international market, and strengthening the basis for sustainable prosperity and employment.