Single grip harvester for russian private forestry sector

As whole tree harvesting methods in the russian forestry
industry involve complex/costly harvesting machines with
high impact on biological variety, this project will develop
a single grip harvester based on low cost russian carrier.

Whole tree harvesting methods in the Russian forest industry and the complex and expensive harvesting machines system cause problems namely have a high impact on biological variety and slow down the privatisation of the Russian harvesting organisation. This situation has prompted the Swedish company VOTEC and the Russian scientific association VNPOLESPROM (TSNIIME) to launch a project to design, develop and build a low cost short wood harvester based on crawler technology. The machine will be adapted to the conditions in Eastern Europe and other world markets where crawler-based machines are preferred. The aim is to adapt the environmentally progressive and state-of-the-art single grip harvesting technology to a low cost Russian carrier. The project will comprise the following phases: Feasibility Study: - Analyse and quantify the part of the Russian forestry industry capable of accepting and handling cut-to-length logs - Analyse and quantify the landing site machine systems and haulage systems capable of handling cut-to-length logs - Study the existing Russian made carriers on the market. Definition: - Define the geographical areas and market potential for the short wood system based on today's industrys log handling and road transport systems - Define the level of technology of the single grip harvester head and the suitability of the carrier - Define the form of co-operation between the parties and the value of each party's exchanged technology - Define the financing for the implementation phase. Implementation: - CAD and construction of prototype machine - Selection and testing of subcontractors and building of prototype - Technical testing and market testing of the prototype - Evaluation of market demand and market potential. Full Exploitation: - Financing of full exploitation - Premises for carrier rebuilding and head assembling - Organisation of administration, assembling force and sales force - Marketing of the single grip harvester.
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1 234
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820 000.00€
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