Anaerobic treatment of agricultural wastes

Create methods/equipment for the treatment of organic wastes
from municipalities/agriculture/industry to be converted
into energy (biogas) and fertiliser. The project will be
carried out in cooperation with sweden, poland and hungary.

Organic waste e.g. household waste, sewage sludge, manure, etc. contains a high amount of energy and plant nutrients. In most countries, organic wastes are not used as a resource, on the contrary they often have a troublesome impact on the environment. The anaerobic treatment of organic wastes is a technology which is becoming increasingly well known as an environmentally favourable method for recycling as fertiliser and for energy production. The scope of this project is to put togethr knowledge and experience from SWEDEN, POLAND and HUNGARY within the field of anaerobic treatment technology, with the intention of developing and constructing a demonstration plant in POLAND. The project could be broken down into the following phases: 1. Definition phase and feasibility study 2. Research and development 3. Design and implementation 4. Demonstration of the technology 5. Exploitation.
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1 241
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450 000.00€
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