New powdered cake mixes for diabetics

Development of a new powdered cake for diabetics with
natural additives and artificial sweeteners. The new
products will be easy to prepare (convenience food).

The project is aimed at developing powdered cake mixes suitable for diabetics as well as for the general health food market. The recipes and technology will be developed by CLPKS based on ingredients of natural origin and artificial sweeteners, natural flavourings and fermentation agents. Organoleptic properties as well as the functionality of these cake mixes will be of high value. In particular: sweet cake mixes with artificial sweeteners instead of saccharose as well as non-sweet cake mixes, which do not currently exist on the food market. CLPKS will also carry out the clinical evaluation and consumer acceptance study. In parallel, as soon as the basic recipes have been developed, market research will be carried out by the Swedish and Austrian partners and Polish shelf life tests will be used. In a second development phase, the Austrian partner ED.HAAS will develop the final manufacturing and packaging technology, test market and make final product adjustments to meet market demands.
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1 242
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450 000.00€
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