Assuring the management of quality

A software suite which will assist in: implementation and
maintenance of the iso 9000 series quality standard and
health/safety and welfare regulations. Reduction of quality
costs/provision of significant return on amq investment.

Project proposal: Companies, whether large or small, operate in an increasingly competitive environment. A high quality product or service is a significant factor in maintaining and indeed improving a competitive edge in the market place. ISO 9000 is a quality standard which is recognised in 57 countries worldwide. Registering to ISO 9000 is evidence of having a consistent quality process. QEI has developed functional specifications for a quality management software package which will run on an industry standards I.B.M. or compatible personal computer/Local Area Network (LAN). This package "Assuring the Management of Quality" (AMQ) will assist in: * the implementation and maintenance of the ISO 9000 quality standard * the implementation and maintenance of health, safety and welfare regulations * production and service control * the reduction of quality costs. There are 22 modules in AMQ, 12 of which are in stand alone modular form, thus allowing smaller companies to implement the product in phases if they so wish. Project benefits: AMQ will provide the following benefits. It will: * manage all records required by ISO 9000 * provide accurate and reliable quality data management * support the identification of weaknesses within a quality system * manage all records required by health, safety and welfare regulations * have a flexible report generator * run in a WINDOWS environment * be easy to implement and use * be sold as a shrink wrapped product. AMQ will provide a significant return on investment as it will: * reduce ISO 9000 implementation and maintenance costs * involve less paper and less paperwork * make identification, traceability and accessing of records easier * assist in identifying quality costs. These costs are sometimes hidden. * improve the efficiency of a quality system.
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1 244
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490 000.00€
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