Separation and thickening of anaerobic digestate using uf crossflow membranes

The project will test the new technology developed by thetis in a demanding high solids anaerobic process and use the water generated to grow algae. The technology developed by thetis includes a new uf membrane crossflow water filtration module operating in a proprietary closed loop configuration.

Waterspin is currently searching for a company to provide an efficient solution towards their liquid solids separation challenge. They have partnered with local technology companies on developing a solution to grow algae using the digestate from a cow manure biogas plant. The main challenge is to clarify the digestate, a slurry with 3-6% dry matter or 2.5% - 5% total suspended solids content (TSS). Experience with different technologies have indicated that crossflow UF membranes might be the best solution and for that reason they have contacted Thetis. The proposal is to use Thetis’ PermaFlux membrane solution to produce a virtually "no solid" digestate that can be sent to Algae growing ponds. A crystal clear permeate (<1mg/L TSS) would allow them to generate a higher algae yield which would reduce the footprint of the ponds. The concentrate would then go back to the biogas plant. The algae producing process is proven and the liquid solid separation step can be achieved with other solutions including membranes (such as CUT’s PermaFlow crossflow membranes). While these membranes can handle high solids content, they are not economically feasible. The fact that the PermaFlux membranes can not only handle high solids concentrations (which very few commercial membrane can) but is a much more economical solution than PermaFlow or other competitors (in capital and operating costs) would make for an economical, sustainable and scalable package.
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12 612
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420 000.00€
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Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems

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