Ultrablack, durable micro/nano coatings with adjustable hydro- and oleophobic properties

Ultrablack surfaces with novel functional properties shall be developed, which have so far have been unprecedented:
- high durability and environmental and mechanical stability;
- flexibly adjustable wetting properties for water and oil up to superhydrophobicity and self-cleaning

Objective of project and comparison with state of the art: The project aims at the development of ultrablack surfaces with novel functional properties, which so far have not been realized on the market: - Excellent long-time durability and environmental and mechanical stability - Adjustable wetting properties for water and oil up to super-hydrophobicity and self-cleaning - Time- and cost efficient technological processes without necessity of structuring processes The envisaged features of the novel components shall open up excellent potentials for automotive industry applications, e.g. opto-mechanical components in autonomic driving systems. COTEC has successfully established material solutions for thin film top-coats to make surfaces hydrophobic and/or oleophobic. Acktar has excelled in black coatings with outstanding optical properties. The project now aims at linking both capabilities, including characterization support by an institute, to create the above functions of novel ultrablack surfaces. The challenging specific project targets are in particular: - material solution and way of deposition of the thin (few nm) functionalization top-coat to perfectly fit to the roughness and material conditions of the underlying black coating - sputter technology for the black coatings (thickness in the micron range) to enable deliberately tunable stochastic roughness characteristics and optimal material fit for the subsequent top-coating - contact angle regime from 120 ° up to > 150° with hysteresis < 10° and roll-off angle < 5°(i.e. super-hydrophobicity/ self- cleaning) - the new processes shall not cause any deterioration of the present optical properties of the ultrablack coatings, in particular low total reflection (2%) and controlled BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function) - long time stability and high durability against environmental influence; Way of realization: - developing modelling procedures to predict optimal black coating roughness and requirements for functionalization characteristics of hydro- and oleophobic polymer coatings - survey on black coating sputtering process, parameter variation, alternative material employment - development of new black coating sputter technology in respect to coating materials and process parameters and according to the requirements of the top-coat functionalisation layer - development of functionlized polymers for super hydrophobic and oleophobic top-coatings with optimized anchoring properies to micro-nanorough black coatings - complex characterization (roughness, contact angle, BRDF, abrasion, stability etc.) of fabricated black coatings and top-coats and continuous feedback for process development - fabrication of the black coatings: separately and in combination with COTEC top-coatings - process development for polymer coating conformal application ( vacuum process, spray coating, dip coating) - establishing relations between the black coating properties and process parameters - establishing relations betwenn the hydrophobic top-coat properties and process parameters - establishing correlations between the structural coating properties and their functional effects - optimization of optimization of black coating technology and functionality of polymer top-coatings - scaling and adaptatin of top-coating process technology for high volume applications - realization of a full process chain: modelling – coating technologies – fabrication – characterization – optimization - realization, analysis and characterization of prototypes
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12 619
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1 040 000.00€
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Chemicals and Materials

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