Next generation autonomous intelligent traffic management system

Next generation autonomous intelligent traffic management system (nga-itms) project aims to develope new sensors which will provide the missing data related to traffic flow by enabling real time traffic management aided by artificial intelligence combined with the features of autonomous vehicles.

The increasing number of vehicles in traffic, the desire living in a cleaner environment, the increased time spent on traffic and the increased need for safety have made it necessary for a new traffic management system to emerge as the comprehensive digitalization and global networking increases the complexity of many systems. In this context, Next Generation Autonomous Intelligent Traffic Management System (NGA-ITMS) Project aims to combine the smart city concept with the features of autonomous vehicles. V2X is a novel concept and most projects aimed to solve safety concerns in traffic. Almost none of the existing traffic management systems can intrinsically manipulate the ongoing traffic flow to open up an uninterrupted route to high priority vehicles like ambulances, fire engines, and police vehicles in order to assist them reaching their destinations as fast as possible.. The exponential growth in number of vehicles on the road makes this problem more complicated particularly within the different cases at intersection zones. Although the era of autonomous cars are approaching, a holistic traffic management system combining many factors that constitute the traffic flow including V2X enabled vehicles has not been deployed yet. Therefore there is a strong and essential need for Intelligent Traffic and Transport Systems for not only hospitals, fire stations, police stations but also for drivers, pedestrians and earth which will have an effect on reducing the total amount of emissions with the integration of autonomous vehicles to the traffic management system. Moreover High-tech traffic management systems could reduce travel time by a 25.0% on an average and waiting time at a traffic signal by close to a 20.0% to 30.0%. By completion of this project, new sensors will have been developed which will provide the missing data related to traffic flow by enabling real time traffic management aided by artificial intelligence. With this aspect, this project focuses on extension and support of a connected mobility world, bringing all the information needed by this new real time traffic management system not only from sensors but also from all the potential elements of the mobility industry such as connected cars, pedestrian from mobile phones, IoT on the infrastructure as well as other devices on strollers, bikes, wheelchairs, etc. Specific traffic management challenges in the domain will be addressed and tools & methodologies will be developed along this extensive approach. The following developments will be made in the “Next Generation Autonomous Intelligent Traffic Management System (NGA-ITMS) Project”. Traffic Intensity and Vehicle Type Detection Sensor (TI-VTDS), Pedestrian Intensity Sensor (PIS), Intelligent Intersection Control System (IICS), Artificial Intelligence Aided Traffic Management Engine (AIA-TME), Integrated Control & Communication Unit (ICCU). By using adaptive IISC combined with the power of a connected mobility network built by Connectar, it will be possible to control the traffic lights duration in real time based on the artificial intelligence algorithm to create an ITS (Intelligent Transportation System). This will enable to create a priority mechanism for emergency service vehicles. Also, V2X combined with Connectar network will allow cars and pedestrians to get information from ICCU in a very simple way in real time. With AIA-TME a vast array of different scenarios will be improved: enters and exits at peak time from city downtowns, green lights synchronization of a specific artheria, improve the number of cars entering, moving, exiting from a specific area. Combining all these algorithms to the reality where time, weather, events or whatever can change drastically the scenario is a huge advance for any Traffic Management System. Intelligent intersection control systems (IICS) let cities organize junctions and traffic lights powered by an AI based intelligent algorithm that works on distributed systems (Both on ICCU and AIA-TME) to minimize traffic congestion by evaluating data coming from different sources. This intelligent control system will enable to plan all routes according to traffic intensity and priorities particularly for emergency and high priority vehicles. IICS will do that by performing functions such as evacuating the route by controlling traffic lights on the route so that vehicles with transit superiority can advance in an emergency without being stuck in traffic. The vision and objective of AIA-TME require wide range of expertise from communication infrastructure (like 5G) to the cloud based solutions. The services to realize for an integrated vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) or V2X or X2X means cloud connecting with supporting the ecosystem that will change the way traffic management industry delivers value to the end-users in the near future as well. These challenges can be identified and solved by the synergies established between the NGA-ITMS consortium partners.
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12 668
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850 000.00€
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Embedded Systems and Real Time Systems
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