R&d of a high capacity cooling system based in dry condenser turbo chiller using r134a as a refrigerant.

The main objective of this project is to design a high efficiency refrigeration chiller based on dry direct condensation system without water consumption and double centrifugal compressor using r134a as a refrigerant.

Based on our international experience in the refrigeration sector, there is a need in the market for high efficiency equipments without water consumption. For that, the objective of this research and development project is the design, construction and test of a new Dry Condenser Turbo Chiller (DCTC) based on R134a as a refrigerant suitable for working at any ambient conditions. The solution to be developed is based on the following premises: - Direct dry condensation with no water consumption - High efficiency double centrifugal compressor in series arrangement In order to comply with the quality and performance of the prototype the following tests will be performed: 1 - Tests at the Factory in order to ensure the equipment has been built according to the design requirements and specifications. A factory performance test is also required in order to validate the design expected performance. 2 - Tests at the real installation. The equipment will be shipped to a real installation located in Middle East where it will be installed and tested under real ambient conditions. This test will be be performed in long term basis, where it will be evaluated not only th performance but also the reliability and integration of the product in a real installation. Additionally it is also considered the development of a solution which incorporates the previous premises and magnetic levitation oil free bearings. A technical feasibility study will be performed during the first stage of the project in order to evaluate the construction of the prototype based on the magnetic levitation oil free bearing. In order to ensure the ensure the success of the project, ARANER and LGe is considering the development of two different prototypes: - Prototype 1: Double centrifugal compressor in series arrangement with oil lubricated bearings - Prototype 2: Double centrifugal compressor in series arrangement with magnetic levitation oil free bearings. By separating the overall development in two protypes and two different milestones, we can have a better control for the development of each part of the project ensuring its success. The quality assurance and quality control scheme for both prototypes will be as follows: - Basic engineering to define the specifications of the equipment. - Detailed design engineering for the equipment. - Procurement and manufacturing. - Performance evaluation and tests in Factory. - Long term fiel test under real conditions.
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12 686
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Project costs: 
5 700 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Heat pump, cooling technologies
Market Area: 
Consumer Products

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