Enabling of results from amalthea and others for transfer into application and building a community

The context of amalthea4public is software engineering for embedded systems – predominantly, but not limited to, automotive systems. The core scope is to enable efficient and effective software engineering for embedded multi-core systems. The goal of amalthea4public is to integrate the results of various publicly funded projects with new developments and use the results of amalthea accordingly to foster the transfer into application and to establish a community around the combined and continuous tool chain platform. The intention is to position the open-source tool chain framework as a de-facto standard for future software engineering design flows for automotive and other embedded systems. Amalthea’s result is an eclipse-based open-source tool chain infrastructure with a basic set of tools included. Amalthea4public is moving ahead of this by adding unique selling points (usps), showing success stories and integrating recent and new research results. The new project is intended to add features like testing, verification and validation, safety, systems engineering, product line engineering and manycore support. It also addresses additional domains like ict and automation.

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