Quality management for modern organisational structures in the mould making industry

Development and arrangement of flexible product and process-
oriented organisational structures in the mould making
industry assisted by an integrated information system based
on the total quality management concept.

A quality management (QM) system supported by up-to-date information and communications technology will be developed with the aim to safeguard the quality capability of the business process. Its application will increase the company's attractiveness to the customer by the ability: * to manufacture high quality moulds, * to develop products quickly and react flexibly to customer requests, e.g. modifications, and * to manufacture products at fair market prices. As a basis of such a QM system, an adaptable company organisation structure and process plan will be developed in an organisation chart which: * is process-oriented, i.e. reflects the value-added pattern in its interlinking of man, technology, information and communication and is described as: * personnel structures, * technical structures, and * information and communication structures; * is flexible, i.e. allows the variable use of human and technical resources in the sense of the adaptation of employee-oriented knowledge, skill and acting and the technical possibilities of the company to the current market requirements; * is target-cost-oriented, i.e. checks, based on the prices obtainable on the market, the feasibility of the standard cost of production already in the development and construction (reverse engineering), including the test, whether operative and/or strategic product-or-process-related alliances with other companies for using their key potentials are sensible; * supports a useful automation of partial processes to reduce the generally high portion of labour costs and incidental wage costs, caused by extensive manual activities in mould manufacture. The information and communication (I&C) system will play a decisive part in the design of new organisational concepts and the QM system based on these. The following requirements must be fulfilled by the I&C system to be designed: * the requirements specified by the QM system must be met; * the I&C system must be based on up-to-date information and communication technology; * a flexible integration of human and technical resources for organisational and technical tasks must be possible; * the acquisition, administration, preparation, retrieval and presentation of any information required must be supported and tailored to suit the needs of the market. In the definition phase the following key problems will be handled: * analysis of the business processes and organisational structures according to methods to be worked out in several mould making companies in Europe, * comparative evaluation of the results of the analysis and determination of the potential, and * preparation of a target concept for optimised business processes. The implementation phase deals with the: * modelling of the business processes and the organisational structure; * derivation of the allocation of process-relevant tasks to human and to technical resources; * development of the personnel structure to support the quality-capable business processes in an optimum manner; * preparation of requirements to an adaptable information and communication structure to provide optimum support of business processes; * development of a prototype of the established personnel structure and I&C system. In the full exploitation phase, the results will be implemented in all companies.
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