Smart cyber protection; smart security operational system

The aim of the project is to develop security operation center application solution - i. E. A hybrid smart virtual security center based on artificial intelligence - machine learning and iot technology, with specific additions for energy sector.

The new product will be the SOC application solution, i.e. a hybrid smart virtual security center based on artificial intelligence - machine learning; the core will be derived from business operations, analysis of business effects, identified vulnerabilities. The system itself will, depending on the information environment, initiate appropriate reactive measures. It will link the data collection subsystems, the risk management system and the asset management system. Since this part also includes i. e. Incident response and Asset Management, we will also develop the appropriate Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for IBM Maximo Asset Management, a comprehensive solution for managing all strategic assets in the company. The novelty of the solution is reflected in the following elements: - Hybrid system (the application will be able to be used on local servers and / or on a central cloud server, - The IT solution will be based on machine learning (automatic generation of security incidents, security measures). - IoT technology will be used to connect individual devices and / or software applications to each other and to the central cloud system. Once the product is developed, it will be possible to record all the data that are important for ensuring the security of the systems, performing automatic analyzes, detecting safety incidents and implementing preventive or recovery measures from one location. It is essential that the system learns mechanically and triggers responsive action when it detects a security incident.
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13 038
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Project costs: 
1 190 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Data Processing / Data Interchange, Middleware
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Other AI related

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