United hearts

Multiplatform united hearts is the first global smart accessory for fans, which measures their heartbeat with wearable technology on the basis of professionally determined ai algorithm parameters. It then transforms it into an ar based real time passion indicator.

Multiplatform United Hearts is the first global smart accessory for fans, measuring their heartbeat with wearable technology and, on the basis of professionally determined parameters using its own artificial intelligence algorithms, transforms it into a cheerful passion in real time, which is displayed in corresponding applications for B2C in augmented reality, in 3D animation or with data. The UH multiplatform API provides access to data for B2B, meaning subscribers who mostly belong to the field of entertainment and media (streaming OTT media, sports clubs, associations and stadiums, marketing agencies, IT developers etc.) Multiplatform UH elevates fans to a smart age Multiplatform United Hearts is an extremely relevant product of smart technology that connects, combines and activates football enthusiasts in a whole new way across the globe. It is based on a deep understanding of the emotional, physical and rational leverage that affect the behaviour of modern football fans. Multiplatform UH arises from combination of state-of-the-art technologies, thus elevating the concept of cheering equipment to a new level. The UH Multiplatform follows the latest trends in the activation of new generations of sports enthusiasts who live or were born in a digitally conceived world. With its features, it provides the ultimate experience of global connectivity and opens the possibility of active global co-operation in each game for sports fans. The UH multiplatform is placed in the entertainment and media market and is a response to obsolete technologies and modes, and at the same time the stepping-stone to various solutions and new ideas. In the first phase, the multiplatform UH focuses on football fans and provides them the possibility to express cheerful passion based on the measured heart rate. For the first time in the history, fans are given a smart cheering accessory, which is classified to the category of the Internet of Things (IoT) due to the automatic linking of various technologies (carrier technology, mobile technology, API). Multiplatform UH elevates soccer cheering from analogue to digital experience that manifests itself in contemporary trends - through mobile applications of augmented reality, streaming media, etc., but significantly exceeds the limited ability of the term through the current features of popular social networks (which are also one of the forms of expansion of UH content), since UH cheering passion is not just pronounced, but measured. Not only does UH with its features provide the ultimate experience of global connectivity open the possibility of active global co-operation in each game to sports fans, this paradigmatic lift raises completely new possibilities for fans. UH creates a match above the match, it's a fan race that happens at the same time as the match of the athletes and can be watched in a mobile application in augmented reality or through streaming media. A cheering game over a sports game where fans prove athletes their support in an innovative and credible way, it raises new forms of sponsorship money, and the cheering passion can thus be transferred to the means of supporting athletes. This means improvement for at least three stakeholders: fans get confirmation of the sensitivity of their doing, athletes get additional resources provided by supporters, and sponsors acquire grateful target audience and are considered as benefactors. Additional features of UH's mobile "Find CoFun" application, which is not based on heart rate capture, enable fans to connect using augmented reality. With this, UH further promotes the use of digital realities among its users, since with its help, they will find friends and affiliated sites in unknown space, and at the same time it promotes the use of augmented reality for marketing purposes (displaying user-friendly places, turning shopping experiences into games etc.). Measuring the commitment of the audience with wearable technology and processing the captured data with innovative artificial intelligence algorithms - this is the stepping stone that catapults the multiplatform UH among those innovative and turning products that can bring about a significant change in the sector. In the case of UH, this applies to the viewing measurement method and experiencing entertainment, information and advertising content.
United Hearts
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13 040
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670 000.00€
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Visualisation, Virtual Reality
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