Mobile recycle unit garber 5.0

Garber 5.0 will be a mobile recycle unit, which will allow recycling, grinding and preparing waste for further processing. Part of the garber 5.0 will also be a program module with mechanical vision and advanced mathematical optimization algorithms.

The main goal of our project is to develop a mobile recycling unit with an integrated identification scheme,management and control module. The subject of research and development will be the waste separation system at source with the aid of mechanical vision, system of fragmentation of different wastes with the help of a deliberately developed shredder with four rotor heads and an advanced control system. Due to its advanced design and custom shredding system, the system will also enable the destruction of confidential material in accordance with the SIST EN 15713: 2009 standard. The connectivity of the various development components and the exploitation of the new technologies of both partners will contribute to the increase in added value, as the mobile recycling unit will integrate the needs and solutions in the field of waste separation, recycling and destruction of confidential material in accordance with GDPR. Its design and application will be ensured by the so-called self-sufficiency, which also means lower operating costs and waste removal costs, both for the final operator (communal companies) as well as for individuals (households). GARBER 5.0 will be a fully mobile unit that will use the power of the drive unit (eg. truck) while on the go, and when stationed (eg. at a collection center), due to its unique plug-and-play technology, it will simply be connected to a three-phase electric connector. On the global market there is no such or similar product as GARBER 5.0, because due to its size (6mx2.5mx2m) it can be transported with any transport vehicle, it will provide "on-site recycling".Due to a deliberately developed software that will enable consumers (households) who will bring their waste to GARBER 5.0 to get their waste paid (20% of the weight of the processed granulate that comes after processing) with the GARBER 5.0 project, we also intend to raise awareness and encourage households towards responsible waste management, and consequently also to reduce waste and to approach zero waste society (amount will be charged on a specially developed mobile application that households/users can easily change for products, offered by utility companies-humus,flowers,waste removal service,...). GARBER 5.0 will have a software module (developed to monitoring and controlling the process) with advanced mathematical optimization algorithms, which will allow individuals to select the type of waste they want to submit to further processing and will upload the data (waste, weight, money) to the phone application at the end of the process. The system will then itself, with the help of mechanical vision, which will use different technologies and methods for process control,provide automatic overview and control of input materials and will be part of a developed software module, appropriately distinguish different waste (plastics, glass, aluminum, packaging,...), sorted the waste and selected the appropriate granulation and shredding on the developed multi rotor shredder. The system will also allow rewarding the users-paying for the weight of recycled waste. The program module will also allow optimal adjustment of the operation of the mobile recycling unit depending to the input materials-the direction and speed of the shifts, the adjustment of the speed, the automatic maintenance of vital parts, etc.The controller/owner will thus be able to control the operation of the unit via remote access. The system will provide information and allow remote assistance to operators 24/7. The final result of the project will also be the integration of the mobile recycling unit into the process of smart factories and the concept of smart cities and communities. With the beginning of the introduction of separate collection of waste and consequently the reduction of waste at the source,we will rapidly approach the "zero waste" ideology and circular economy not only in households, but also in the industry for which the mobile recycling unit can be used, since its purpose is not only processing of inputs raw materials as a volume reduction, but also processing waste for further processing. Project GARBER 5.0 is ranked in the network for the transition to the circular economy, (S)industry 4.0 and smart cities and communities. In that framework, focus is focused on focus areas and technologies, and more specifically on the level of areas of common development: Networks for the transition to a circular economy (Transformation of economic systems from linear to circular by eliminating the concept of waste, WtE, reuse of waste, secondary raw materials,...), (S)industry 4.0 (Optimization and automation of production processes: smart machine, devices and smart sensors,...) and smart cities and communities (cloud computing and mass data, internet of things). We change sectors dealing with waste collection, recycling, alternative energy sources, waste recovery and at the same time providing a way to raise awareness among individuals.
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13 048
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800 000.00€
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Other industrial equipment and machinery

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