Timber dual cargo system

The subject of development is the synchronization of the container system with a pallet system used in railway transport.

The key result of the project is the development of a new product, a wagon that is adapted to the transport and manipulation with logs, which, when adjusting the carriers (by varying their mutual distance), enables container mode transportation. The main objective of the project is therefore the development of a synchronized system for the transportation of logs, timber products and pallets. Within the project, we will also develop software for the distribution of timber, which means that on the basis of weighing and transport, we could make calculations, what quantities of logs should be delivered to individual locations and how many transports are needed to do this. With such an application, it would be easier to determine the price and optimize transport. On the pallets we will install GPS signal meters and weighing system for pallets. We will also provide the following functionalities: - precise determination of cargo weight, - more accurate traceability of cargo, - a system for measuring acceleration and deceleration. Pins and twist locks are installed on fastening positions, while buffers are positioned on individual pallets, such as the amortization zone between the wagon and the pallet. The key components of the product, which are simultaneously self-contained, complete following units: - special cassettes for the transport of logs with a wider range between the hands between which the container is installed, - The pallet system that will be designed so that the container can be positioned on the "pine" (flexible fixing, which is modified when transporting logs). - BOX-containers for the transport of finished products, - log carriers: we will develop log carriers in such a way that the distance (width) between them will be maximized and that standard and dedicated containers can be inserted between them. Log carriers can also be folded, which allows the transport of other types of cargo. - Software for the distribution of wood and GPS tracking.
Project ID: 
13 061
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Project costs: 
1 350 000.00€
Technological Area: 
Railway Transport technology
Market Area: 
Railways, Trains

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