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Fully digital active and passive front-end credit recovery platform, using chatbots and voice bots with natural language and an integrated back-end structured to manage collection portfolios with large volumes of data and maintain high levels of data security.

In the wake of businesses that are expected to achieve exponentially higher levels of digitalisation over the next two years, one of the most sensitive industries to this transformation is Credit Recovery. This business has always been based on the intensive use of human resources, always relying on the following tripod: • Persuasion; • Insistence; • Pressure. As the years go by and the negotiation scripts standardization, the activity began to be developed in a mechanical and repetitive way. The collection agent read the script, whether or not he matched something with the debtor, recorded the event, and passed it to the next debtor on his list. Soon tools have emerged to accelerate these processes: the predictive dialers. Their use made it possible to maximize the time spent by the collecting agent, which soon became an industry metric but did not bring effective results. And even fewer have brought, with the numerical supremacy of the generation known as the Millenials. Because of this, some current factors have become impediments to the success of telephony-based billing operations: • The debtor profile changing: younger people use the phone less to talk and more to exchange messages; • The caller ID applications advent, such as Whoscall, which allow the customer to build a unwanted telephone calls’ blacklist. • Accessing restriction to the debtor at his workplace. • Legal impediment to contact the debtor before 8:00 am and after 8:00 pm. • In the face of the above assumptions, the KPI "CRP - effective contact with the right person" became the most important in a collection operation. Based on our previous experiences we realized that we would have to develop a platform-based credit recovery company that uses the Internet and the most up-to-date Information and Communication Technology tools as a way of collecting. This platform is supported by communication technologies - Web, SMS, Whatsapp, Messenger, combined with other technologies such as Big Data, Voice Bots, Chatbots and Data Analytics, with the purpose of establishing a credit recovery company in which Artificial Intelligence acts in collaboration with human beings, exponentially increasing its capacity to generate positive results. An Augmented Intelligence-based company. This solution will be developed from the following steps: 1. Operation basic flow elaboration; 2. Analytical and detailed databases design; 3. Self-service front-end functional prototype construction, with User Experience - UX and User Interface - UI techniques application. 4. Front-end integration with Chat or Click-to-Call tools. Both Chat and the Click-to-Call tool will make use of text and voice robots. 5. Dashboard creation for the real time credit recovery evolution management; 6. Mobile app creation so that customers who renegotiated their debts can be alerted of the next payment and can pay directly in the app if they wish, among other functions. 7. Use of blockchain to create debt novation contracts and platform operations management, including financial ones; 8. Integration with market payment platforms, so that the finalization of the negotiation can take place through various means of payment, to be gradually integrated into the platform: • Direct transfer between accounts; • Bank slip; • Credit card; • Debit card; • Mobile (Whatsapp, SMS, digital wallet, QR Code, card reader and others); • Blockchain. 9. Follow-up of all clients who entered the channels made available, but did not sign an agreement, to identify obstacles and solve them; 10. Integration with Mediation Companies, a legal instrument that allows the construction of agreements in the judicial sphere. 11. Integration with securitization companies, in order to create an online secondary securities intermediation market. 12. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence application to identify the best offers, so that the client can pay their debts in a quiet manner, but in a way that also presents the best financial return to the lender.
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1 000 000.00€
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Internet Technologies
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