Capillary electrophoresis on column ultravoilet and fluorescence detection

Development, testing and marketing of a miniaturised,
highly sensitive detector for "on column" detection in
capillary electrophoresis (ce).

Fluorescence: 1. Apply the ongoing development for finer capillary (50 to 100 microns) in house trials: (May 1995) Development of filters, monochromator and detection systems with photo multiplier or photo diode. Trials with a 35 watt instead of 100 watt lamp: (April - September 1995) 2. Build two experimental models for extended field trials. Field trials and improvements: (July - October 1995) 3. 5-10 pre-production units. Production and cost optimizations: (August - December 1995) Ultraviolet (U.V.): 4. Adjustments to the measuring cell for U.V. Experiments on thinner column walls and thinner column walls and different mirrors: (June - November 1995) U.V. and Fluorescence: 5. Electronic control, computer control user programming for all kinds of peripherals, lims, etc: (August 1995 - March 1996) 6. Initial field trials in not too far distances, in users' laboratories in close cooperation, with the user, with the pre-production models. Improvements: (October 1995 - April 1996) 7. Technical documentation for CE detector ( October 1995 - March 1996) 8. Build a production series of 10 units for capillary High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC): (November 1995 - March 1996) 9. Extended field trials with key customer laboratories with pre-production units: (January - June 1996) 10. Technical documentation capillary HPLC detector (December 1995 - February 1996) 11. Build up a network of agents and other equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers: (April 1996 - December 1997) 12. Pilot series of 50 units for capillary electrophoresis ( CE) and 50 units for HPLC (May 1995 - December 1997).
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