Intensive land-based rearing of sea bass in recycling system

A commercial recycling system of land-based farming of sea
bass in geothermal water, applying maki's and aquaoptima's
water treatment system and aquaoptima's ecofish concept
together with aga's oxygenation technology.

The aim of this project is: 1. To support an experimental full scale rearing of sea bass in recycling systems with annual production of 70 tons. The systems will be based on the ECOFISH-technique and a water treatment unit developed by MAKI and AQUAOPTIMA. 2. To define a commercial product (technique, biological - and operational know-how). After the experimental period, MAKI and AQUAOPTIMA will co-operate in providing consultation and deliveries to new and established fish farms for Sea Bass. The EUREKA project will be connected to 3 AIR programmes (2 share costs and 1 concerted action) which were applied for in March 1995 by institutes and private companies (including MAKI and AQUAOPTIMA). The AIR programmes will stand for the physiological part of the project (Optimisation of Natural Resource Use in Land-Based Marine Fish Farms). The EUREKA project will stand for the technical part of it and transfer of technology into commercial scale. Definition: The project will be defined in a working committee in May 1995 formed by the 3 partners in MAKI, AQUAOPTIMA and ISAGA. AQUAOPTIMA will be responsible for specifications and delivery of the technique in rearing tanks (ECOFISH technology) and water treatment, except the technique for heat exchange, which will be designed by MAKI, based on use of geothermal energy. Concerning biological filtration, a unit which is based on MAKI's and AQUAOPTIMA's competence will be developed. ISAGA will be in charge of the design and delivery of oxygen supply to the system. Economic analysis for investment costs and economical feasibility study have been done by AQUAOPTIMA (based on experience in existing EUREKA project) and recalculated by the UNIVERSITY OF ICELAND. Implementation: MAKI will stand for the construction of the experimental system in the company's facilities. AQUAOPTIMA and ISAGA will, in the construction phase, assist with quality control and inspection in MAKI. This will secure that the delivery from the company will be installed in a satisfying way. These two companies will together test all functions, as sea water into and in technique before the fish are introduced into the system. Full Exploitation: This phase will last for 2 to 3 production cycles, i.e. 1-2 years. Performances of the fishes (survival, growth, feeding conversion ratio and quality of the product) will be registered. Water quality (TxC, oxygen, NH3 and NO2 levels, pH and CO2) will be monitored using automatic computerized technique. Operation procedures for management and control of quality will be central, but also operations like handling of fish, internal transportation and grading. Economic factors concerning investment in rearing systems (dimensions of water treatment unit) and different operation parameters (new water exchange, degree of recirculation, thermal energy, oxygen supply etc.) will be clarified. A new concept concerning biofiltration and heat exchange, developed by MAKI in association with AQUAOPTIMA and external experts, will also be improved. On the basis of these results, a concept for a commercial product of a complete rearing system will be created for Sea bass. Marketing of the concept will be made by AGA Departments world wide. The two companies, MAKI and AQUAOPTIMA will undertake delivery of technology and assistance (expertise, management and training of personal) in the start-up phase.
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700 000.00€
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