Advanced image platform for ophthalmologists and tools for clinical analysis

The aim is to develop an advanced image platform for
ophthalmologists. The platform will enable eye specialists
to store and retrieve images of the eye as well as arrange
and compare them (both locally and globally).

The primary aim of the project is to design and develop a computer-based platform which can assist employees in the health care sector within the area of ophthalmology. This part of the health care sector has a strong need for advanced tools which i.e. can be a help to make a diagnosis at an early stage in a pathological case. The products are destined for hospitals, eye clinics and opticians. Feasibility Phase: During this phase the UP (User Panel) and the TG (Technical Group) will identify, analyse and describe the user requirements and evaluate and document the image quality from standard available digital cameras. The main aim of this phase is to provide appropriate material concerning the user requirements to enable the consortium to restrict and direct the project. Definition Phase: This phase will deal with the definition and specification of what is going to be developed and implemented throughout the project. The definition will especially concentrate on the following main issues: - identification/decision of hardware/software platforms, - issues related to the communication of images/text, - identification of specific diseases to be implemented in the demonstrators, and - identification of usable image manipulation techniques. The results from this phase will be a prototype of AIPO for evaluation by the users. Implementation and Exploitation Phase: During this phase the different modules defined in the previous phase will be modified/developed. This work will be especially related to Decision Support Tools, the Image Manipulation Technology, the Data Storage/Retrieval capability and Image Communication Techniques. Furthermore, activities related to the full exploitation of the products including the product designs, identification of sales channels etc., will be performed. Keywords: ophthalmology, image analysis, retinal imaging.
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3 520 000.00€
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