Fish meal quality criteria for monogastrics

Study of different new processing methods on the nutritional
quality of fish meal. Definition of quality characteristics.
comparison with those of a wide variety of existing fish
meals on world market. Validation through animal experiments

For years fish meal has been known to be a very suitable protein source in monogastric nutrition. The quality of fish meal is of vital importance for animal performance and is highly dependent on manufacturing procedures. Consequently, the quality of the fish meal may vary substantially and this substantiates the need for up-to-date, relevant quality criteria. The aim of the project is to determine quality criteria for fish meal in pig and poultry nutrition, as these species consume about 78% of the world's fish meal production. The project has been divided into two sections with phases to enable experiments to be well organised and good collaboration to take place between the partners in the various countries. Section A: Testing of quality criteria Phase 1. Formulation of quality parameters: In order to formulate parameters for fish meal quality, an inventory of possible relevant parameters will be drawn up. Phase 2: Selection of quality parameters: The relative importance of the formulated parameters will be determined. To this end, different batches of fish meal will be made from one commodity of fish and fish trimmings through different processing methods, i.e. * drying temperature, * freshness of fish, and * variations of solubles. The effect of these batches of fish meal on animal performance will be established in a feeding trial with piglets. Piglets seem to be the most suitable animal category for this purpose as they are sensitive to protein deterioration. In this way the pre-selected parameters can be related to animal performance. Phase 3: Qualification of parameters: The selected parameters will be quantified. For this purpose, some batches of fish meal from phase 2 will be mixed up in such a manner that different values for the selected parameters will be generated. Piglet performance on these batches will be related quantitatively to the selected parameters. Section B: Validation of quality criteria Phase 4: Selection of batches: A number of batches of fish meal (20-25) representative of the world's fish meal production, will be collected. The preliminary established quality parameters will be determined for these batches. Based on these results, some batches will be selected for confirmation. Phase 5: Confirmation of parameters: The confirmation of parameters with the selected batches of fish meal in phase 4 will be done in a third piglet experiment corresponding to the two other experiments. An evaluation of the project results have to result in quality criteria for fish meal in pig and poultry nutrition. Some additional experiments may be necessary to achieve definitive quality criteria.
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