Multimedia, interactive, on-line system in private network

Development of a multimedia platform capable of providing
local interactive services. It will have simple applications
such as video on demand, or very complex applications such
as interactive education.

The objective is to develop a platform for the development of networked, multimedia, local interactive services. The project developments are threefold: - the hardware platform (high bit-rate modems, video switches) - the software platform (video server, environment tools, network connection) - the services. Three important points are to be pointed out: 1. The interactivity is local (LAN or private network) 2. These platforms will be implemented on existing telecom networks such as public switched telephone networks (PSTN), or high bit-rate LAN networks (fast ETHERNET, asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), fibre distributed data interface (FDDI), etc.). 3. The multimedia services are warranted through the Motion Picture Engineering Group (MPEG) 1 video standard.
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1 422
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2 170 000.00€
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