European road transport information services

Increase the efficiency of transborder road transportation
services, using or developing advanced information transfer

The main purpose of ERTIS is to increase the efficiency of transborder road transportations services. The resulting reduction in the costs of transport of goods will enhance the competitiveness of European products. ERTIS aims to improve transportation efficiency by using and/or developing advanced information transfer technology. The subjects are: Updated routing, vehicle planning (freight, destination) and road condition information, an exchange system for the supply of and demand for transport, database for the availability of professional transport services, information on conditions and procedures for the transport of hazardous materials, development of communication possibilities to have contact with individual truck drivers, for example, change of destination, etc. The present participants in ERTIS are operating or developing a national information system for their subscribers. Target number one is to connect the various systems. The participants and their subscribers will thus have network access to each system. In this way the number of subscribers will be approximately 1500 - 2000 in the first year. For the operation of this network use will be made of the communication facilities of the national post and communication services. The reasons why preference is given to such a network are: a) the reliability of these national services and systems b) the independence of hardware suppliers and/or standards for viewdata systems c) the duty of national services to operate in all geographical areas. At present the first agreement between the Dutch PTT (VIDITEL) and the German BUNDESPOST (BILDSCHIRMTEXT) has been signed. Thus the vehicle for the first transborder data transmission on road transport information should be ready in the beginning of 1987. Discussions between PTT and the Belgian and UK national services have already been started. It should be mentioned that the Dutch information system for professional road hauliers is one of the most successful elements of VIDITEL - one of the reasons why the PTT is supporting the ERTIS project. When the network is established the subscribers (professional road hauliers and forwarders) will have full access to all national systems. Membership of the various federations is not obliged: only a subscriber's fee for the use of the system is required. Part of the system (+/- 50%) will be completely open in the sense that every user of VIDITEL, BILDSCHIRMTEXT etc. has access to this data, a subscription fee is required as well. After the first target (network access) has been developed, the efforts of the participants will be directed to the second target, for example, direct communications between truck drivers, head officer and other parties (customs, etc.).
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