Surfacing of blanking tools

Optimized discontinuous duplex/multi-functional coatings,
combining a pulse-plasma nitriding, implantation, pvd, which
boosts blanking tools performance as improved mechanical
support of coatings enables them to withstand higher loads.

Industry has severe demands on the cutting tools service life. Investigations into duplex and multilayer coatings are very attractive, especially as far as expensive, high-performance HSS tool steels are concerned, because they will improve blanking tool life and overall economy. The smaller clearances used in blanking tools demand precise tool manufacture and cutting elements. Hard coatings applied on nitrided layers can replace or enhance the "epsilon" or "gamma" layers currently used. They will improve fatigue as well as wear resistance and prolong tool life and overall economy. So that the project can be carried out more efficiently, an international cooperation will be necessary in research and development and the development of equipment, as well as the involvement of the industry, end-user of fine blanking tools. International cooperation will improve the quality of the solutions found as well as the equipment and will enable to better connections to be made with the European tool industry as well as surfacing services.
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1 525
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340 000.00€
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