Production of monolithic or dual 3d net shape parts in super alloy by hot isostatic pressing (hip) of pre-alloyed powder

Validation of 3d shrinkage modelling.Adaptation of prototype
part design. Cap design. Metallurgical/mechanical expertise
of materials and diffusion bonding. Production of
demonstrators. Production/expertise of prototype parts.

1. Modelling - installation and validation of rheological law specific to porous material in 3D code (ABAQUS) - determination of rheological parameters for chosen alloys - computer calculation for demonstrators and scale 1 prototypes 2. Metallurgy 1) choice of alloys: * analysis of service requirements * choice of alloys and combination of alloys * development/characterisation (mechanical and metallurgical) of samples (monolithic materials and diffusion - bonding) * characterisation of net shape surfaces 2) metallurgical and mechanical expertise of demonstrators 3) metallurgical and mechanical expertise of prototypes 3. Geometry 1) determination of capsule design principle: * analysis of part geometry (taking into account non- destructive testing) * choice of one or two capsules design principle * developing and geometrical expertise of demonstrators 2) prototype production: * determination of final drawing of parts to be developed * developing of scale 1 parts (2 or 3 iterations) 3) geometrical scatter band analysis 4. Non-destructive testing (NDT) - dimensional - metallurgical 5. Technico-economic evaluation
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