Intelligent real-time monitoring and decision support system for environmentally and safety critical industrial plants

This system for knowledge-based, real-time monitoring and
decision support in environmentally friendly/safety critical
industrial plants will monitor, signal abnormal situations,
perform diagnostics and provide decision making support.

The decision-making system of Intelligent Real-Time Monitoring and Decision Support System for Environmental and Safety Critical Industrial Plants (MAINE-ISRTDMS), is intended to support human supervisors and operators working in plants of high potential risk either operational, malfunctions and accidental happenings causing environmental damage; such as in the case of a nuclear, thermo-power, power station or chemical plant. When an accident happens it is extremly important to have qualified and efficient reactions from the personnel responsible. The reaction time is important and critical for minimization of potential or actual damage. The kernel of the systems will be a subsystem for the database and knowledge data control, which will support the ISRTDMS system in real-time conditions. The main advantages of the ISRTDMS system will be: * Early warning to the personnel responsible for taking decisions about past and current anomalies. * Forecasting possible malfunction of equipment and process. * Human user-friendly machine interface. * Support to operators in taking their decisions and procedures to follow. The ISRTDMS will be developed and promoted as a supervisory system for the existing information systems in various industrial plants with a high risk of accidents, the aim is to increase efficiency and organise personnel so as to decrease the probability of major accidents.
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1 260 000.00€
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