Secured & energy efficient health-care solutions for iot market

Serene-iot project aims at contributing to develop high quality connected care services and diagnosis tools based on advanced smart health-care iot devices, fully manufactured in europe, enabling a good level of healthcare quality of service for patients remotely followed by professional caregivers, all at much lower cost than the traditional care provided today.

the main serene-iot objectives are the following:
• reduce healthcare expenses per à 50% on 3 domains and improve the quality of life of patients.
• develop 3 clinical prototypes of new medical devices supporting security, safety and privacy and their complete validation inside a secured end-to-end iot system platform.
• develop and contribute to standardization of a healthcare data structure in order to ensure medical devices and system interoperability.
• create new market opportunities to the european healthcare industry by setting up the basis to create new business models.

serene-iot will address three main medical challenges in the following domains:
• remote healthcare, move care services from hospital to home.
• early detection of methicillin-resistant bacteria.
• fall prevention.

in line with the medical innovation cycle till the step “clinical prototype”, the 3 following devices, one per domain, will be developed and clinically validated inside the project duration. The certification and industrialization phases will follow at the end of serene-iot project.
• first wearable low-power “medical iot module” for a ‘connected infusion/nutrition pump system md class iix’ & for a ‘post-surgery infection detection system’
• first hand-held low-power ‘mobile detector for mrsa (i.E. Antibiotic resistant bacteria)’
• full integrated connected low-power ‘fall risk monitor’

the design and development of these devices will benefit from the technology beyond the state-of-the art in order to get innovative, high performance and cost effective solutions. The main technology aspects addressed by the project will be low-power, multi-protocols connectivity, end-to-end system security, interoperability and the more adequate computing power.
the major outcomes of the project will be: 1) the three clinical prototypes 2) the associated clinical investigation plans associated to each device, 3) a secured iot system platform to validate the three prototypes in real scenarios including the proposed the healthcare data structure, 4) demonstrate and evaluate the benefits obtained from this new secure and remote healthcare control and monitoring system. It should be noted that the validation of clinical prototypes will be carried out by two hospitals, project stakeholders, as well as other hospitals already identified as associated partners.

a serene-iot goal is also to allow european health care industry, and in general to the overall market value chain stakeholders, to validate new advanced technical concepts based on an iot system that will impact the existing healthcare business models. This will be possible due to the availability of several types of data gathered and processed by the overall iot system, not only medical data related to the patient conditions (caregiver concern), others related to the devices themselves such as devices status and location (oem concern) , or medical consumables (purchase concern), etc. Finally, this will imply the reorganization of the market value chain in order to provide new and innov

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