Environmental sensors for air quality

Technologies for environmental sensors for air quality:
with the growing demand for sensor technologies and the potential of semiconductor technologies for this application area the project esairq targets to further develop essential technologies for gas sensing with research for selective, sensitive and reliable sensors at affordable costs for mass exploitation. The miniaturized sensor platforms developed in this project are key enablers for highly sensitive and selective sensor systems or sensor networks for air quality monitoring. The mobile gas and fine particle sensing platforms will have a significant societal impact in case measures are derived based on the known air quality. Dependent on the measures reduction of mortality rates and healthcare costs in polluted environments can be achieved.
the project esairq lives from the available expertise in the consortium and the cross fertilization due to the assembled knowledge – it is not set up to develop one particular technology alone – it is set up to cooperate on the technology development, to exchange, minimize risks and to develop in a very fast way new technologies. From that fast and risk minimized development the application partners have a clear benefit to have technologies for their applications available at the end of the project. Without the cooperation the development would be for each individual solution much slower, would involve more resources and would be of high risk of failures due to the missing collaborative expert knowledge and validation capabilities. 14 sme partners with almost one third of the requested funding addressed, 8 large industrial partners providing solid nanoelectronics technology know how and application perspectives & 8 rtos/universities bringing in technology knowledge to enable a highly efficient and effective collaborative project.
the results of the project will strengthen the european landscape in terms of sensor technologies, manufacturing, application know and will generate new market segments. Education and the drive for new start-ups will be supported by the european wide collaboration.

esairq addresses the strategic challenge “technology process and integration” by the research on gas sensor technologies:
- semiconductor process technology and integration of devices and components at chip-level and soc for the complex heterogeneous functionality
- process technology and integration for advanced smart system-in-package applications
with the focus on gas sensing technologies supported by lead applications the project follows the guidance given in the aeneas agenda “well-focused projects in the trl 2 to 4 are needed as technology push enabling new applications” (chapter 7.4 – expected achievements).

with the applications addressed in the proposal the following strategic challenges are covered, however having a minor role compared to the technology:
- health and ageing society – detection of airborne pathogens & development of environmental sensing of air quality
- connectivity and digital networks – development to integrate new sensors in wireless sensor networks – considering power, data transfer and related protocols and algorithms.
the use of the new sensors is foreseeable as well in area of the strategic challenge “automotive and transport” – inside air quality monitoring in parallel to energy saving measures for increasing the reach of electric vehicles.

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