Industrial sludge/agromass treatment as fuel

Determining the optimal mixture and technology for treatment
of an industrial waste sludge/agromass to utilise its energy
for heat or power and set an effort to reach emission
levels acceptable to european standards for this material.

1. Feasibility Much sludge waste from waste water treatment plants from chemical or petrochemical industries is currently not used. In many cases, residues from agriculture and vegetable production are also not used. Exploitation of these industrial wastes is limited mostly to combustion with non-effective utilisation of heat, or disposal in landfills creating environmental problems. 2. Definition Carrying out this project which comprises burning tests to determine the appropriate combustion methods and the most suitable conditions for burning these sludge mixtures to develop the proper technology to use their combustible features for energy production and use of the burning the residues in an effort to reach zero emission. 3. Implementation The R & D goals of this project are: - Determination of adequate burning conditions and reactor technology in laboratory scale facilities - Establishment of methods for reliable process models and controls with possibilities of raising the amount of sludge mixture without fuel oil necessary for flame support - Determination of efficient methods for the desulphurisation of the flue gas by limestone injection - Operating tests on pilot facility scale to determine the technology efficiency and reliability - Establishment of a reliable control technique for the total process - Development of the optimal sludge mixture with respect to its water content. 4. Full Exploitation The project is expected to provide enough data to draft technical specifications for commercial installation in the industry. Further development, after the R & D phase, will be needed for sealing up the process and facility, in order to produce marketable products for energy production using various mixtures of sludge types. These products have marketable features, the mixture being positioned at the limit of the fuels field. Using this refuse material and the derived potential residues as fuels, the owners will gain important advantages from their reduced costs. The project is believed to be within the scope of programmes to implement efficient and environmentally friendly technologies.
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