Traffic management and control system for the city of poznan

Design and installation of a traffic control centre to
control all local traffic controllers in a city. Development
of traffic-responsive coordinated control to decrease
pollution and noise and increase mobility.

The aim of the project is to develop a new system of traffic-responsive co-ordinated control, based on the modern group model of traffic flow in street networks, in order to minimise delay, stops and other deficiencies in traffic control. The method yields all local optimum solutions in a couple of seconds so implementation of a global solution should be effective almost immediately. The low computational complexity of the method enables its application in distributed systems (i.e. intelligent local controllers in a network) and the control system substantially increases mobility and utilisation of the existing road infrastructures while decreasing maintenance costs, pollution and noise. The integration of public transport and parking facilities into the traffic control centre will reduce the need for private transport.
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1 658
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1 010 000.00€
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