Ecologically friendly grinding technologies 2000

The development of abrasive tools which guarantee high
quality and ecologically harmless machining of steel up to
hrc62 in dry grinding operations at working speeds of 50 to
100 m/s.

While analysing the technical development of abrasives it became apparent that conventional abrasives cannot be applied for the dry treatment of steel up to a speed of 125 m/s. The UNIVERSITY OF AACHEN has proved with tests in high speed grinding that this technology is possible with CBN abrasives. Due to the fact that microcrystalline sintered aluminum oxide is now available, new possibilities for grinding at standard speeds have been found. By developing new bonds, abrasive mixtures and structures, dry grinding operations may be achieved even if they require working speeds over 63 m/s. The objective of this EUREKA project is to develop new possibilities which make vitrified abrasives at dry grinding high speed operations economically and ecologically attractive compared to grinding technologies which use, for example, CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) tools. This project will not be able to fulfil all the requirements of the different areas of application but should at least enable us to achieve an industrial production standard for the external grinding process.
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1 690
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940 000.00€
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