Eddy current high performance acquisition system with probes based on ultrasensitive magnetoresistive array sensors for non-destructive evaluation, demonstrated on inspection of aircraft parts

A consortium, gathering innovative smes, leading research centres and industrial end-users in aeronautics, propose to develop a smart solution composed of high sensitive sensors and its acquisition system for quality control of industrial parts. Chameleons, a non-destructive testing (ndt) technique, will match the industry needs to overcome environmental and safety issues by replacing fluorescent penetrant inspection (fpi) methods, which have unsafe effects on human operators. The new inspection method for surface and near-surface control will be reliable and possible to automatize for robotized product quality control. The data will be traceable and enable high added value parts at high production rate, fitting to the industry 4.0 transition.

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Electronic circuits, components and equipment
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Airlines, Aircrafts, Aerospace

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