Cmos image sensor and video research

Image capture is a generic technology used in markets including health and well-being, digital life (broadcast, agriculture), digital industry, security and automotive.
a highly qualified and multi-disciplinary team is required to develop the various aspects of the image capture technologies such as optics, image capture, video processing and transmission for these applications. To develop and optimize these technologies for professional products, a consortium with a critical mass of world class engineering and research skills is required, so knowledge can be built together and shared amongst different applications. This project brings together important players with proven track records. The overall goals are to improve system level image capture for medical diagnostics, sustainable agriculture, and live television productions, and to extend the functionality of professional cmos image sensors for multiple applications. To reach these goals new image sensors will be designed and application demonstrators including new hardware and firmware/software algorithms will be developed. The consortium will collaborate on new silicon and system level developments.
ams, grass valley, and le2i will work on new image sensor designs. The image performance will be enhanced by extending the light spectrum that can be captured, increasing pixel performance, and enabling higher frame rates in uhdtv resolution. As image sensor supplier ams will introduce in its markets new innovative image sensors that use results developed in this project; grass valley and le2i will use their image sensor results for their application designs.
adimec, langevin, lltech and tno will collaborate in the development of image capture systems for digital pathology, next generation sequencing, or assisted imaging, and life cell imaging enabling better diagnostics and shorter turn-around times in hospitals.
le2i, mseyetech, cea and gv will jointly work on a multispectral camera for precision agriculture and food sorting, providing solutions for a sustainable agri-food industry.
grass valley, evs and tno will collaborate on slow motion image capture for live television. The collaboration will support content creators to transition from hdtv to uhdtv and enable gv and evs to keep playing the innovator role and be in the front of the technology transition.
solutions will be standardized in emva 1288, coaxpress and smpte.

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