High performance vehicle computer for autonomous driving

Autonomous driving requires, among other things, a high-performance on-board computer that centrally reads, processes and regulates many decentralized sensors and actuators, such as engine control, steering, brakes and chassis control.
the processors for such a computer are not yet available in automotive grade. However, semiconductor manufacturers are making strong efforts to strengthen the architecture of the integrated circuit and the physical realization on the wafer. Processors that are functional and suitable for use in automatic vehicles in terms of safety are therefore expected to be available in the foreseeable future.
in addition the data transfer requirements from hiper ecu to hiper ecu or from hiper ecu to the sensors in the vehicle will strongly increase. Therefore competitive standardized automotive solutions needs to be developed for the new ecu-generations.
an indispensable prerequisite for a central on-board computer is the minimization of the power consumption of such a system. This must be achieved through optimal hardware and software development, the design of the µcs and asics, as well as through adapted assembly and connection technology and optimized housings.
packaging solutions from wafer-level through circuit board level to package level must make a significant contribution not only to functionality, reliability and functional safety, but also to efficiency in product development and manufacturing.

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