Chemiluminiscent detector

Development of a device for measuring photosensitized and
chemically-induced chemiluminescence with a flow-cell to
determine peroxides and antioxidants.

This project will develop a chemiluminescence detector for measuring eco-biologically relevant substances, lipid peroxides and antioxidants, especially alpha-tocopherol. The assay is coupled with the liquid chromatographical separation of individual substances in human blood plasma and based on the principles of stimulated and photo- sensitized chemiluminescence. From a medical point of view, the device will make it possible to characterize the state of antioxidant homeostasis in the human organism. Public health will be improved by this technology as it will now be possible, during prophylactic examinations of people, particularly in ecological disaster areas, to recognize deviations in the pro-/antioxidant balance in the organism so the corresponding therapeutical precautions can be taken.
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1 741
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1 100 000.00€
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