Global television set

Global television set video display/communication system
that will offer access to globally available services: tv,
pay tv,cable satellite,terrestrial,internet,home shopping,
home banking, games and office system will be developed.

Digital TV technologies (DVD) Digital Video Broadcasting are growing and are rapidly becoming available over Satellite, Terrestrial and Cable systems all around the globe. The internet is coming into almost all homes over different media such as PCs, monitors and TV screens. Standard analogue TV broadcasting is of course still available and will be alive for some time to come. All this means that a lot of different information is reaching the end user. In the most advanced homes one can find so-called home offices with their own PC on site, while in the living room a so-called entertainment system can be found which is generally incompatible but which often has a similar approach to the user. The main aim of proposed project is to develop a so-called GTS (Global Television Set) which will have a common display and communication system that will offer an access to all globally available services: TV, PayTV, Cable, Satellite, Terrestrial, Internet, Home shopping, Home Banking, Games and also a physical and logical connection to so-called home office systems. The GTV project will focus on the industrial basic research, applied research and development of the system (hardware and software) that will include resources to create to process and make the global above-listed services available to the end-user: - Communication hardware (modems, cable, satellite, terrestrial, IEEE1493 high speed communication) - Digital Video, Audio and Text processing system (MPEG II solution) - Analogue Video, Audio and Text processing system - High quality Display system (High Definition, 100 HZ) - 16-bit microcontroller processing unit - Software application to control all hardware resources and user friendly interface with MENU. The end result will be a product available on the market at an acceptable price which will offer the user comfortable access to all globally available services. Keywords: television, receiver, manufacturing.
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1 785
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1 200 000.00€
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