Dion ceramic-ceramic total hip prosthesis

Development of a prosthetic hip system for total hip
arthroplasty. The new system will offer the latest
orthopaedic technologies available, such as plasma spray,
metallic porous coating and compression-moulded polyethylene

In recent years total hip replacement (THR) has become a common practice in most orthopaedic services. Hundreds of thousands of people undergo this procedure yearly resulting in a restoration of their hip function and thus an improvement in their quality of life. In a THR, both the head of the femur and its counterpart (the acetabulum) are replaced by artificial joints. A THR is usually composed of a femoral stem, a ball head and an acetabular cup. Despite the success of this relatively new technique, there are known problems that limit the life of the current prosthesis to 10-15 years. The aim of this project is to develop a new prosthetic hip system that will address all these problems to increase the life of the implant and reduce the revision rates. The main features of the new system will be: - Modularity: Different stems, ball heads and cups options will be developed to match patient needs. - Stem dimension: to offer the good initial stability necessary to allow further biological fixation. Metal porous coating and HA coating will be provided to make bone ingrowth possible. As an option for the elderly or low demand patients, non-porous coated versions will be offered for cemented applications. - Special revision stems will be offered in cases where a previous hip stem needs to be retrieved and replaced by a new one. - Ceramic-Ceramic wear couple. This will minimise the adverse effect to the polyethylene particles released in common metal-Pe or ceramic-Pe couples. - Metallic acetabular shell. To provide a good mechanical support to the polyethylene/ceramic socket and allow bone ingrowth. - Polyethylene inlay between metal shell and ceramic component as a filling and cushioning material. Phases of project: - Modelling in CAD of different components and resin model production. This phase will be effected by INDUSTRIAS QUIRURGICAS DE LEVANTE (I.Q.L.). - Engineering drawings will be done by I.Q.L. - I.Q.L. will Produce first samples for mechanical tests - Mechanical tests will be made in cadavers by I.Q.L. - Statics and mechanical trials will be carried out by I.Q.L., as well as strength tests up to 10 x 1,000,000 cycles - Design of appropriate surgical instruments - Production of prototypes and instruments for clinical tests - Clinical tests - Product validation - Product launching - European market new prostheses characteristics diffusion will be effected by I.Q.L. - Industrial launching will be done by I.Q.L.
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940 000.00€
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